Cigna Dental Insurance Review

Are you looking for a new dental insurance plan? Cigna Insurance has been around for more than 125 years and has over 60 million customers worldwide. According to the Cigna Insurance website, they have strong partnerships with individuals and companies all over the globe.

Cigna Insurance can combine your medical and dental insurance plans together giving you a reduced insurance premium. Not all insurance companies offer this benefit.

Selecting a Cigna Dental Insurance Plan

Selecting the right dental insurance plan is important. Cigna offers dental insurance plans that offer a wide range of services such as:

  • Preferred Provider Plan or PPO
  • Non Preferred Provider Plan or Fee-for-service Plan
  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization or HMO
  • Medicare Supplemental Plan

Preferred Provider (PPO)

A Preferred Provider or Participating Provider plan is the most commonly used dental insurance plan available. A dentist that is signed up with Cigna Dental Insurance to be a preferred provider has agreed to provide dental services at a reduced fee. What that means to you is, Cigna Insurance and the dentist have agreed on a fee for each procedure the dentist will perform.

Any amount above the agreed amount is to be written off by the dentist and not billed to the patient. For instance, the preferred providing dental office of the patients choice charges $100 for an exam. Lets say Cigna Dental Insurance will pay $80 for the exam. The $20 above the amount Cigna Insurance has agreed to pay will be written off by the dental office and will not be charged to the patient.

This calculation mentioned above would work the same for all treatment regardless of the percentage to be paid. A typical dental plan would looks like this:

  • 100% Preventive (cleanings, exams, x-rays are a few procedures under preventive treatment)
  • 80% Basic (Composite and amalgam fillings, endodontic treatment, extractions, and periodontal treatment including root planing and scaling)
  • 50% Major (Crown, Bridge, Implant and dentures)

Another example would be if a patient needed a crown procedure completed. Cigna Insurance will pay 50% of the crown as shown above, the patient will be responsible for the remaining 50% but no more, with the exception if there is a deductible on the patient’s plan.

Non-Prefered Plan or Fee-for-Service

A Non-PPO plan is very similar to the Preferred Provider Plan mentioned above. The difference is that the dentist and Cigna Insurance have not signed an agreement of fees to be charged.

What this means to the patient is a higher out-of-pocket expense to be paid. Using the example mentioned above: The dental office of your choice charges $100 for an exam. Cigna Insurance will pay 100% of a usual and customary fee for the exam allowing $80 (as an example only). The remaining $20 is to be paid by the patient because the dentist is “out of network” or not contracted with Cigna Insurance. Many patients are happy to pay the additional out of pocket expenses incurred to have the flexibility to go the the dentist of their choice.

Keep in mind that some Cigna dental coverage plans may have a deductible or a waiting period that could apply before dental benefits are paid to the providing dental office. Understanding your dental plan is very important. Request a detailed benefit and eligibility breakdown form from your employer or Cigna dental insurance before you go to the dentist, this will help you understand your dental plan and what it has to offer you before your dental appointment.

Dental Health Maintenance Organization or HMO

If you are interested in finding out about an HMO plan you may be interested to know that it may also be listed under several other names such as: Health Maintenance Organization or Managed Care plan. An HMO plan is one of the most common dental plans available. The HMO plan offers a lower premium for individuals and families, for this reason it will attract some patients to pay less for a plan allowing them to pay more of their money on other necessities.

An HMO plan requires the patient to choose one dentist as their primary care provider. A primary care provider or also listed on dental web pages as PCP for short, is chosen from a list that Cigna dental insurance has available of the dental offices near a patients home or work accepting new patients with this particular plan.

Advantages of Cigna HMO Dental Insurance Plans:

  • No deductible
  • No maximums
  • Low co-payments
  • Lower out-of-pocket expenses
  • No claim forms to fill out

Once a dental facility is chosen by the patient, there are guidelines that must be followed if that patient decides to change to a different facility for any reason. Some plans even require the patient to stay in the same plan until the next open enrollment period which could seem to be a very long wait if one is not happy with the facility chosen. Our advice is to check with family, friends and coworkers to see if someone you know is happy with a Health Care Management facility in your area.

Medicare Supplemental Plan

There is a wide range of Medicare Supplemental Plans available on the market today. Depending on how much money one would want to spend on a premium would decide what type of plan would suit you. Cigna Dental offers medicare supplemental plans that combine dental, prescription and in some cases the medical as well.

Dental coverage through Cigna Medicare Advantage plans vary. Some dental plans may only have coverage for preventive care, while other Cigna dental plans cover more extensive treatment such as fillings, root canals and crowns.

Above we have discussed the difference between PPO, non PPO and HMO plans. When choosing a Cigna Medicare Supplemental plan be sure to know what type of facility is important to you. If you have a family dentist that you have been seeing for many years, it is very important to check with Cigna Insurance to verify they are a Prefered Provider. Before you sign up for a HMO plan check to make sure your family dentist is a part of that dental insurance plan.

Great Reputation

Cigna Dental Insurance states that they have a strong dedication to the people they serve. It is very important to Cigna to help those patients improve their health, well-being and a sense of security. Cigna also believes that improving health is the only sustainable way to lower health costs for all. Take the time to consider Cigna Dental Insurance for your dental care.